Each person’s life consists of pretty much the same things. We eat, sleep, move around, breathe in and out. Our eyes and mouths open and close, and our skin gets progressively more wrinkled. It’s the things we do outside of just surviving that prompt thinking, interest, and culture. These are the things we do on the side.

I go to college classes, visit my family, shop at Walmart, and drive around town. But on the side, I date people I meet on Craigslist, help raise chickens, spontaneously try new things, and have lots of other adventures. “On the Side” is a chronicle of these adventures.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. I GET IT. On the side. Very nice. I look forward to hearing more about craigslist adventures, seeing as I don’t know anything about craigslist – except that my sister’s husband bought a couch from there. It was a nice couch. They don’t have it anymore. Anyway, I’m liking what I’m reading. Fun times. (Whoah I misspelled “times” and wrote “tomes.” And tomes aren’t usually fun. They’re usually scholarly. And who wants that?)

  2. Yeah, what Ben said. Cookies? I loved your blog about your roommates girlfriend, Ashley. I think we all know some version of Ashley. I’m subscribing, long story short. And I want cookies, too. 🙂

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