So my fish did not die. He is alive and well. I got him a filter and made some more room in his tank, and he is now a happy camper. In case you were wondering.

In other news, I’ve decided to plan a really big camping trip. I’m dying to just dig my toes in the earth and build a fire with my own two hands… and some matches and lighter fluid. I need to commune with nature… from my sleeping bag in the back of my Expedition. Is it still too cold to go camping? It’s never too early to start planning.

I’ll need a sleeping bag, first of all. Or maybe I’ll just pile some blankets in the back of the truck.

Bug repellant. Hot dogs and marshmallows. Firewood. Flashlights. A rape whistle (you never know about those Virginia forest hippies). And a couple good friends. A GPS? Nah. We’ll follow the stars. Or the road signs on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Who’s in?



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