So a friend of mine is moving to Charlotte, North Carolina this year. She’s been looking at apartment complexes, particularly the least expensive ones around town. I think we found one for her.

She almost drove down to win a contest for $50 off monthly rent for a year’s lease, till we checked out the reviews from people who already live there. (Please note that all of the bulleted points below are direct quotes from the reviewers.)

The apartments’ website says the place “offers real value, a convenient location and, most of all, a fun place to live.”

The reviews are evidence of how much fun is available:

  • A girl was sexually assaulted here earlier in the year, which was covered up by management of course.
  • There are fights in the parking lot, people yelling and screaming.
  • Shady people who don’t live here use the facilities.
  • The crime is off the chain!!!!!!! Car break-ins and apartment break-ins left and right.

Under “features you’ll love,” the apartments’ website lists “best and brightest residents” and “keyed entry for individual bedrooms.” The reviewers’ translation:

  • The lease says that basically if management places you with a roommate and said roommate attacks you they are not liable.
  • One tenant had an issue where a roommate threatened her life, and, despite numerous police reports, they would not evict or even move the threatener.
  • There was a man who lived in 901 Place walking into girls’ rooms at night and watching/fondling them while they slept. Did management try to evict him? No.
  • Management moved in some girl who used to break in to empty rooms as well as occupied rooms and allow people to stay in the rooms for weeks, running up our utility bill.
  • Management changed the locks on our doors. This was an inconvenience because we were not aware. This was a huge to-do. My roommate got to the apartment, noticed she couldn’t get in, and had to go back to the office to get a new key. It took three days.

The apartments have a great pet policy, allowing NO “cats, dogs, visiting pets, snakes, birds, parrots, toucans, hamsters, gerbils, frogs, spiders, ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, or other animals without prior written consent and a nonrefundable deposit.” But according to residents, the apartments come with their own zoos.

  • There are roaches the size of housecats running around, which come in because people leave out their trash on the balconies.
  • The apartment was dirty with fleas all over the floor.
  • I saw a rat. Ewwww.
  • I have spiders everywhere and I mean everywhere…. Horrible…
  • We had a 5 day span last year where we caught 7 mice in our apartment.
  • Near the end of our lease, hundreds of ants started coming out of the walls. It was truly disgusting.

As for the management, “The staff does an awesome job with helping the current residents here at 901 Place!” according to the website, which also reads in bright friendly font, “Let’s be friends!” Residents seemed to agree.

  • The staff leaves all the time and just closes the office for no reason, meaning you can’t pick up packages, pay your rent, request service… nothing. It’s locked.
  • I used to work in management, but I quit because I refused to lie to people. I told plenty of people to run! I wasn’t going to have that blood on my hands!
  • The property manager curses and carries on like a hood rat.
  • I must say the staff has gone out of their way to make me feel as uncomfortable as possible, like I am making their lives miserable every day I spend there. Paying my rent a month early like a good tenant doesn’t seem to please anyone… rather it seems to piss them off that you are cutting into their personal time.
  • We could all be slain and the management wouldn’t give a damn. They would just be asking our families for the next rent check. What a bloody joke.
  • The management is fake. [Well no wonder nothing gets done, with a bunch of mannequins running the place.]
  • I will say that with the recent changes in the management things are more mellow. [I guess it’s better to have a mellow, laid-back landlord than one that preys on you.]

The website says it is a “safe, guarded community.” The residents seem to feel pretty secure.

  • There is blood and other stains in the walkways. [Please note that this is the second reference to blood.]
  • There is no security, the safety lights that are in my hallway have been ripped out of the socket so it is very dark at night.
  • There is constant harrassment from police and tow truck drivers.
  • Yes, there is security on the complex, but did they stop the break-ins? NO. Do they write traffic tickets for not coming to a complete stop at stop signs? YES.
  • The first day I moved in one of my friend’s cars was stolen.
  • We had a crackhead come in our front door one Saturday night during a get together. And he tried to beat someone up with a bat.
  • My parents bought me mace for when I get home at night.
  • You’ll never get busted for the big stuff, like driving drunk, but simply walking between apartment buildings you’ll be questioned carrying a bottle of water if it’s past 8pm.
  • My car was pelted with rockets on the Fourth of July. The police did nothing.
  • I actually sat in my room and watched someone try to break in to cars and so on. I also I have had the cops come twice to my door to tell me to be careful because someone might try to break in. They said someone had a key.
  • There were people directly outside my bedroom window yelling and screaming and fighting and who knows what else.
  • We ordered delivery pizza once and the pizza delivery person was robbed in the parking lot.
  • If you wanna live in the straight projects then by all means go ahead and sign a lease, please, and I’m sure before long you will be missing your car or leaving here in a body bag.

The “amenities” are great, according to the apartment website. The photos depict clean, white walls, lush carpet, well-groomed landscaping, and a gorgeous exterior to each building. Free complimentary internet and cable, and utilities are included. But even with all this, the whiny residents are not happy!

  • The apartments are very poorly built!! The walls are not even straight!!!
  • The balcony had a slope to it.
  • There were chunks of dirt and trash bags everywhere when I moved in. There were red spots of vomit all over the floor.
  • This place is not fit for living! The apartments are FALLING apart, like literally the siding is coming right off.
  • My roommate’s bathroom flooded, and our kitchen cabinets had water EVERYWHERE. The cups were filling up with water. There was a huge hole in the ceiling that was dripping all over the place.
  • The wood on the outside of the apartments is molded under the siding.
  • My cable goes out as the weather changes. The electric goes out every time there is a heavy rain. In addition my electric was turned off several times by mistake.
  • The bathroom walls are cracking everywhere.  They will not let me break my lease.

The website’s “Earth friendly E-brochure” says, “This is the place. This is the life.” Residents have their own opinions.

  • Beware! I would advise you not to move here!
  • Everyone I know that lives here hates it. Signing the lease here was the BIGGEST mistake I ever made, EVER.
  • The biggest headache of your life.
  • It is God awful horrible.
  • If you have never regretted anything in your life, you will regret the day you sign that “unbreakable” lease.
  • YOU’VE BEEN WARNED! Don’t move in.
  • I would rather live out of my car than stay here, but apparently I’m contractually bound.
  • I thought I could deal with the noise and substandard living conditions but this is beyond ridiculous.
  • It’s worse than living in hobo town. Living outside under a bridge might not be so bad compared to this dump!
  • You do not want to live here.

So if you need a cheap place to rent in Charlotte, and you’re okay with potential rape, grand theft auto, rats, water leakage, abusive and predatory management, and being chased by crackheads with bats, check out this place! They’re accepting applications now!


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