Stuff I did


So this is pretty adventurous, if I do say so myself. Have you ever wanted to have sex in the back of a pick-up truck at the drive-in movie, but were too afraid of dirt and being in the great outdoors?

What about applying your makeup on the deck of a pirate ship? This one I KNOW you’ve always fantasized about — gaze down on your lover in a bubble bath from a balcony and cry out Shakespearean love sonnets!

Well now you can fulfill all of these dreams, and many more, if you visit Logan, Utah, and pay just $200 a night. Check out the Anniversary Inn. It’s WAY fascinating.

(Please note: While this is not an adventure I’d go for, since I’d rather just park a truck in the garage for a $200 discount, it doesn’t mean that some wimpy people might want fabricated experiences of tree-house camping and jungle exploration. They do what they can to make their pathetic lives exciting, those poor unimaginative creatures of Utah.)


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