Here’s an adventure: The trendy world of health hogwash. Yeah, like what tropical fruit creams will increase your boob size or how to lose ten pounds in a week eating only celery and cabbage. I’m not a band-wagoner, but I’ve become a believer in one trend: green tea.

I used to be a coffee addict. A cup in the morning, a cup every two-to-three hours, probably half a dozen cups with dinner. Some days I’d just take a couple syringes with me and shoot it up whenever I needed a boost.

But then I went through a period of insomnia and impulsive criminal activity, and quit coffee cold turkey. Headaches ensued, but they went away and I started sleeping better. And now I can’t drink coffee. I get jittery and irritable. Even shaky.

But when it’s cold out and I’ve got to sit at my desk at work huddled next to a space heater, I want the sensual feeling of a warm mug in my hands. So I picked up green tea. I heat water in the microwave about 5 times daily and sip away.

According to several studies in Japan and Canada, I’m sipping away at more than just heated happiness. Green tea has natural plant-manufactured weapons to fight free radicals (which sound pretty dangerous).

Green tea has been shown to decrease the size of prostate cancer tumors in mice. So if your little guy’s balls swell up, brew him a cup.

The chemicals in green tea also help keep your arteries healthy, and may promote heart health. Green tea can help you lose weight and keep diabetes at bay. Plus it’s cheaper and easier to make than drip coffee, and it has caffeine in healthier amounts than coffee.

Experts say not to waste your time on the bottled, high-fructose-corn-syrup versions, though, since the tea has been processed too much to have any real health benefits.

Instead, buy a big box of store-brand green tea (like $5 for 100 bags), drop the green junk in some hot water and you’re ready to beat off those free radicals!

Don’t get cancer. Drink green tea.


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