Even before the Internet, there was a form of blogging. It was called “calling.” You “called” upon this neighbor or that, visiting for tea and biscuits, sitting on porch rockers, or just standing around for awhile swapping stories.

Now that our world is revolutionized by this Magic Monster that is the World Wide Web, we have access to so much information, much of it useless, that we’ve become numb to people’s stories.

It used to be that some farmer’s kid would shoot himself in the foot or drop his sister’s kitten in the well and the whole town would have something to talk about for weeks. Now Google and Yahoo and CNN and countless other organizations return thousands of stories about dumb or interesting things other people do.

Personally, I’m tired of the preoccupation with other people’s stories. Newsworthiness is based on prominence and timeliness and other criteria such that my life will never make headlines unless I do something really crazy like become the first female president or write an award-winning blog (wink, wink).

I aim to live in a way worth talking about. I may not have the longest toenails or be married to 87 men, but I can do interesting things. I am taking this blog as a challenge. If I can’t think of something interesting to write on a regular basis, that means that even I find my life too boring to consider. That’s a sad life to live.

So here I am, ready to tackle whatever comes my way, for the sake of writing about it, in the quest to make my life newsworthy. Bring it on.


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