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After the overwhelmingly negative response to post #0036 from my multitudinous throng of demanding readers, I feel that a little justification is in order. As such, this post would be titled (if I was vain enough for titles): “Why Camping Is Fun.” Communing with nature is an essential part of understanding God’s creation, discovering the … Continue reading



A friend of mine came up with a marketing idea for a product that has not yet been invented. But if you build it, they will come, right? So let’s outline the marketing plan, and some savvy business-person will decide to run with the production. Situation Analysis The original product, which we’ll call “V 1.0,” … Continue reading



So my fish did not die. He is alive and well. I got him a filter and made some more room in his tank, and he is now a happy camper. In case you were wondering. In other news, I’ve decided to plan a really big camping trip. I’m dying to just dig my toes … Continue reading